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Save On Your Energy Use, Get WindTronics (Wind-In-A-Box) from EarthTronics

If there is an in a box version of nuclear power, data centers and bio fuels, wind turbine in a box is now possible already, courtesy of EarthTronics – a Muskegon, Michigan based company. The wind in a box or the WindTronics, will be available in the market sometime next year and will cost the users around $2,000. The windtronics will have a diameter of 36 inches and can generate power at 3 mph wind speeds, and will be able to supply 200 watts of power and will supply a household’s electricity of approximately 10 to 20 percent. The production of WindTronics will start on the first quarter of 2009.

wind tronics


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3 thoughts on “Save On Your Energy Use, Get WindTronics (Wind-In-A-Box) from EarthTronics”

  1. B-s. utter bs. do the math. do the pyshics. this claim is bogus. someone needs to stop these companies making bigus claims and damaging the industry.

    a 6ft wind turbine needs a 14mph wind to produce 200w of power at 50% efficiency . most places have average windspeeds of about 7mph or less. most wind turbines are less than 50% efficient.

  2. An output of 200 watts is peanuts ; it is barely sufficient to power
    two 100 watts light bulbs.It will not power any household appliances.
    As a journeyman electrician I can tell you that this venture will never fly.
    I would like to see a unit with a power output of at least 1500 watts;
    that, I would be interested in.


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