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SmartVND: The Eco-friendly Vending Machine

Inspired by the current vending machine, industrial design graduating student at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette Justin Pittman has created a design that functions the same as the existing vending machine but in an eco-friendly way. Hailed as smartVND, this green vending machine used natural cooling techniques and materials to keep the contents at a constant temperature, which is extremely in contrast with the current vending machine we have. The smartVND boosts off its green methods and materials including the natural Styrofoam insulation or the clay-coated straw, the laminated woods with simalfa water adhesive, and the solar cells. In addition, the smartVND also got the stylish look making not only eco-friendly but fashionably friendly as well.

SmartVND Vending Machine

SmartVND Vending Machine

SmartVND Vending Machine

Source: Justin Pittman


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