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The Pangolin Backpack From Cyclus

Inspired by the animal known as he Pangoline, the Pangolin backpack has the design that resembles the razor sharp scales on the back part of the spiny pangolin. The backpack is made from recycled tire inner tubes from trucks and is handmade in columbia. Instead of a standard zipper enclosure, the Pangolin Backpack is designed in way that pieces retract with each other with three magnetic closures to keep the backpack closed. The backpack is extremely durable considering the tire innertube and the design gives the bag a unique and unusual look. The inner part of the bag are ample storage pouches for the user’s small items like pen.

Pangolin Backpack

Pangolin Backpack

Pangolin Backpack

Source: Cyclus via Designboom


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7 thoughts on “The Pangolin Backpack From Cyclus”

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  2. This bag is cool.
    Not $290 cool.
    This price tag is why no one supports recycling.

    The stuff you make from the recycled things is so ungodly expensive only the rich 5% of the population can afford them

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