Cell Phone Gadgets Recycle

Reclaim From Samsung

Sustainable designs are popping out like mushroom today. We have seen may green architecture designs, furniture designs, fashion, and more. Today the electronic industry is already starting to create sustainable designs just like the reclaim from Samsung. Reclaim is a stylish mobile phone that is made from 80 percent recyclable materials. The phone has the …

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Cell Phone

Oscal L’Hermitte : Pedal-Powered Cell Phone Charger

Charging our cellular phones don’t need to look for an electric outlet anymore because the pedal-powered cell phone charger is now here to serve us. The product is called the Oscar L’Hermitte’s cell phone charger. The charge up your phone, all you have to do is to plug your phone into your bike with the …

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Cell Phone Design and Concept

Linc : The Sustainable Phone Concept

As we all know, gadgets like mobile phone, iphone, and more are being purchased to own one. However, LINC has changed this type of practice and created a sustainable phone concept, wherein, one can be lease a phone, return and lease it again, without sacrificing its style and functionality. LINC is truly a unique concept …

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