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The Drink Sustainable Design : A Bright Idea on Sustainable Drinking

Many of drinkers are not aware of being sustainable especially if they under the influence of alcohol. They just tend to put their empty beer tin cans everywhere, and the party hosts are the ones cleaning like hell. Well this will never be happening again, because Brenda Osorio and Rodrigo Ambriz found a way of eliminating those mess created during parties, and this the product called the drink sustainable design. It is a big cardboard with holes, wherein drinkers can put on their empty tin cans. In this way, it will be easier when cleaning because all they have to do is to get the drink sustainable design and throw it to the trashcan.

The Drink Sustainable Design - recycling aid drink sustainable

The Drink Sustainable Design - recycling aid drink sustainable

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2 thoughts on “The Drink Sustainable Design : A Bright Idea on Sustainable Drinking”

  1. As an Earth conscious beer drinker. I don’t know about this one being either green or more sustainable. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is a very cool idea. I mean a big cardboard wall that you can stick beers in at a party is original and could be a cool gimmick to impress people with, but…
    Firstly, even though it is made from entirely recycled materials and you are then recycling it and the beer cans there is still a whole lot of energy involved in making this product, from the machines that press and cut the cardboard to the truck coming to pick it up, to the guy at the garbage place that has to pull the beer cans out of your giant cardboard receptacle. But all that is a mute point to the fact that if you have a party the size of the one in the picture that are drunk, by the end of it all you will have a couple gallons of beer in your floor creating a more difficult mess than picking up some beer cans and putting them into the recycle can.

    I’m really sorry.

  2. I agree with the commenter before me and where I live you have to separate the metal and paper recycling, so this would just cause double work for the party cleaner and their guests. gimmick

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