Save on Gasses With a Public Utility Bike

Have you heard about Montreal’s solar powered docking system and a high tech RFID tagged aluminum bikes? Yes there is! There six bikes and six docks in every station available for anyone. When a user reaches the station, he can use any bike available, and return it to any dock where he wants it to return. Mode payments available are through debit cards, credit cards or any other member cards. Maybe works like a subway train, drop off near to your destination and have a walk or maybe a short ride. In that way, you will have your daily dose of exercise and save gas at the same time.

public bike system

public bike system

public bike system

public bike system

public bike system

public bike system


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  • I live in Montreal. There’s is no such thing, in fact, our public transportation system is renowned around the province to be one of the worst, most archaic systems in the world.

    You’d be hard pressed to find a train/metro/bus on time in Montreal, those bicycles would be a great idea IF THEY EXISTED.

  • @Luca, well they said that they were preparing for it, and the fact that Paris and Lyon has used the system, let’s hope for the best.

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