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Eco-friendly Pleiades CD Case By Kastos Bartsokas

As a designer, Kastos Bartsokas is excited in designing the Eco-friendly Pleiades CD case because he will not only showcase his artwork for the benefit of the Greek-speaking polyphonic singing female group Pleiades but also he will be able to help save the environment. The CD case design is inspired by the group’s clean vocal …

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Music Outdoors

Spack: Your Packaging And Loud Speaker In One

Multi-functional item is common nowadays. More and more people are having trouble with small living space that is why majority of us right now want a design as compact as possible. The SPACKS is a multi-functional packaging design. It can work as your sturdy packaging for your various items, whilst serving as your portable loud …

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Furniture Music Outdoors Recycle

Bar2: An Eco-friendly Table Design

Leftover woods normally are discarded, destined to our landfill, or tossed into fire. These acts are obviously not favorable to the environment. Everybody knows it, especially with the widespread call of fighting global warming. Designer Eveline Pieters in collaboration with Jeroen Verschuren has created the Br2 Table, a foldable sustainable table that can be used …

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Music Recycle

Eco-Sound System By Mikal Hameed

Instead of totally discarding those used office chairs and stereo equipments, designer Mikas Hameed has used these items and made it into a superb and fully functional sound system. This creation of MIkal Hameed only means that it everything, everybody has the chance of living the green life and every little thing, and aspect of …

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