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Inflatable Plates By Mina Song

Keeping a green lifestyle includes the use of reusable plates and the inflatable plates by Mina Song will surely fit in the category. Made of vinyl, the plates can easily be unfolded and inflated to use. Unlike those existing disposable plates that we have, these inflatable plates can be rinse off after use and re-use when needed, thus safe to the environment. It is also lighter than the Styrofoam made disposable plates. It can be deflated and flat fold when not in use and store for future use. Users don’t need to bother throwing these inflatable plates after use, which allows the users to not only save the environment but save some amount of money as well.

Inflatable Plates

Inflatable Plates

Via: Yanko Design


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1 thought on “Inflatable Plates By Mina Song”

  1. Wow, these are awesome! Being made from petroleum, I wonder how safe it is to eat off those repeatedly though?

    I’ve used a lot of eco plates in my time, and the best I’ve come across is Verterra. They’re made entirely from Palm leaves, and are extremely tough, usable in the oven even! They’ve gotten really affordable since I first tried them, and are very compostable. You could literally toss them in the trash and they’d biodegrade. They’re leaves, after all, that’s it.

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