The Dome House by Shawn Hausman and Jessica Kimberley

Many of the designers and architects are now practicing prefabricated and sustainable structures already. This will not only make them known of their creative and unique designs, they are also doing a big part in helping save the earth. The Geodesic Dome House is just another sample of sustainable prefabricated homes. Built at the top of the mountain outside Ojai, California, the dome house has a super fashionable and elegant design that make everyone love to live in this house. The structure is safe enough to live because it is perched on a wood deck using concrete footings for support. With its measurements of 44 feet in diameter and 22 feet high, for sure nothing compares the comfort this dome house has.

Dome House

Dome House

Dome House

Dome House

Dome House

Dome House

Source: Shawn Hausman Design via Design Related


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  • Thats awesome, what company builds them so that I could contract them to build me a bio dome atleast 3 times the size of that one?

    • Hi Mya,

      Pacific Domes International builds these dome houses. This was one of our projects:

  • omg i wanna live in one.! do they make those in jacksonville.florida?

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