Gadgets Packaging

Ecovative Mushroom: A First In Eco-packaging

Eco-friendly packaging materials have been developed for quite some time already. Many of the companies today like those from the food and drugs industry, clothing, household, architecture and more and now into using eco-friendly packaging for their products. Some have their packaging made of recycled materials while others are into recyclable packing design. Computer giant …

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Gadgets Misc

Pad Stash: Allowing Technology And Environment Meet

Who said that taking care the environment will hinder you from living the modern high-tech lifestyle? You are extremely wrong if you think that way because designers nowadays are smart enough to design things with care to the environment. The Pad Stash is just one of the products of today’s earth friendly minded designers. The …

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Home and Kitchen Misc Outdoors Recycle

Inflatable Plates By Mina Song

Keeping a green lifestyle includes the use of reusable plates and the inflatable plates by Mina Song will surely fit in the category. Made of vinyl, the plates can easily be unfolded and inflated to use. Unlike those existing disposable plates that we have, these inflatable plates can be rinse off after use and re-use …

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Free Eco Gift

Read, Comment, And Get The Rug for Free !

Hello IGreenSpot avid readers! We are happy to have you all these time and we thank you for keeping IGreenSpot a part of your daily eco-life. It is nice that we have you for more than a year of great green products, and the day has come that we at IGreenSpot will give back to …

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Design and Concept Solar Energy

Solar Loon Powered Boat

Many of the people that wanted to embrace the eco-friendly lifestyle now successfully use Eco-friendly land and air transportation devices. Now is the time for the sea transport to embrace the eco-friendly lifestyle. After the successful launch of the Aptera 2e, Jason Hill and Nathan Armstrong have now revealed a new concept that has the …

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