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Drog, Food Waste Processing Unit That Turns Your Trash into Compost

In most places, waste disposal is one of the serious problem people are facing. Countries normally do not have enough places to dispose off their garbage. However, this problem can be totally already with this new food waste processing unit called the Drog. This product can convert daily trash into compost, and eventually can be used in growing plants, and what’s good about it is that, the processing only takes 45 minutes. How I wish this product would be available in our place as soon as possible, so that I will not have to dispose off my garbage to somewhere else.

drog garbage recycle

drog garbage recycle

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Helios Griller Transforms Sunlight into Usable Energy

Grilling is one of the favorite dishes I have. I usually use the traditional grilling process with the use of a fire. This may sound unfriendly to the earth but I swear the taste is exceptional. However, Helios is now here to help us continue our love of grilling but in an eco-friendly manner. Helios is a griller with a reflective solar dish that will allow sunlight to focus onto a solar receptor and will transform it into a usable energy. In addition to that, if the weather is not nice enough and still wants to grill, the product has a retractable plug that serves as an alternative source.

helios solar grill

helios solar grill

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Have a Fun Summer Party with The Kegstand

During summer, party is almost everywhere every now and then. Since the Kegstand can be rented, returned, refilled then rent again, this is the best way to keep our surrounding clean. The keg can be filled with ice that made the college student enjoy more on their cold beer, and when the party is over, there’s a plug that allows easy drainage. What hinders the college students to rent a Kegstand is that , it is too heavy for them to carry. For that reason a wheel and handle has been created for easy transportation going to and from the party place

kegstand concept

kegstand concept

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The Drink Sustainable Design : A Bright Idea on Sustainable Drinking

Many of drinkers are not aware of being sustainable especially if they under the influence of alcohol. They just tend to put their empty beer tin cans everywhere, and the party hosts are the ones cleaning like hell. Well this will never be happening again, because Brenda Osorio and Rodrigo Ambriz found a way of eliminating those mess created during parties, and this the product called the drink sustainable design. It is a big cardboard with holes, wherein drinkers can put on their empty tin cans. In this way, it will be easier when cleaning because all they have to do is to get the drink sustainable design and throw it to the trashcan.

The Drink Sustainable Design - recycling aid drink sustainable

The Drink Sustainable Design - recycling aid drink sustainable

via EcoFriend

Babies’ Fork and Spoon in One by Bambu

Buying something for our little ones is probably the most rewarding part of our lives as parents, especially if we provide them with something made of earth friendly material. This is what Bambu would like to introduce, as he creates a spoon and fork for babies made of organically grown bamboo. It is disposable and is perfect for traveling. The best part of it is that it is made of bamboo, meaning it is safe for our nature. As we all know, bamboo is has various uses from medicine to food to structural material to soil preservation. It is especially designed for our little ones hands, so there nothing to worry about. [Click here for more details about Babies Fork and Spoon]

fork and spoon in one by bambu

Daylesford Organic Sells Milk Inside Biodegradable Bag

Bags are already part of our daily lives as we use it in almost everything that we buy. People of today’s generation, continues to look for ways in producing grocery bags that saves our mother nature, yet of the same quality. This is why Daylesford Organic has come to an idea of creating this cool elegant in design organic biodegradable bag as containers on their pasteurized and unhomogenized organic milk. Since it is biodegradable, it will help eliminate the overflowing landfills of plastics we currently have. Daylesford Organic milk in biodegradable container is not only good for our health but also for our earth.

daylesford organic milk jugs

daylesford organic milk jugs

Source : Daylesford Organic

Stay Green on Your Picnic

Picnic is fun, but sometimes our lovely planet don’t think so. Because after beautiful picnic day, you can see a lot of eco unfriendly litter is everywhere, plastic cups, plastic plates, utensils left behind by lazy picnickers. If you are a lazy picnickers, consider to buy bio-degradable picnic ware from firebox. This eco friendly picnic ware is 100 percent made of biodegradable cassava, should you choose to leave your picnic ware, it will disintegrate within a week if left standing in water, or decompose in a few months if left on a compost pile. It even returns natural starch back into the soil.

biodegradeable picnic ware

eco friendly picnic ware

Source : FireBox

Origami Crockery Disposable Plastic Cups

Oksana Bazanova is a designer that aware of the importance of creating environmentally friendly product. Inspired by the Japanese art of Origami, Bazanova has designed a disposable plastic cups and plates made of waterproof paper which you can fold by yourself when you need it. It’s cheap, eco friendly, and stylish.

origami crockery disposable cups

origami crockery eco friendly

origami crockery green cups and plates

Source : YankoDesign

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