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Drog, Food Waste Processing Unit That Turns Your Trash into Compost

In most places, waste disposal is one of the serious problem people are facing. Countries normally do not have enough places to dispose off their garbage. However, this problem can be totally already with this new food waste processing unit called the Drog. This product can convert daily trash into compost, and eventually can be used in growing plants, and what’s good about it is that, the processing only takes 45 minutes. How I wish this product would be available in our place as soon as possible, so that I will not have to dispose off my garbage to somewhere else.

drog garbage recycle

drog garbage recycle

The whole ‘green’ movement has yet another implication. Sustainability remains a watchword. With this sort of a backdrop, any device allowing you to salvage good out of daily refuse is surely welcome. Drog envisioned by Masatake Nishikawa does precisely that. This “food-waste-processing-unit” converts daily trash into compost which can then be utilized to grow plants organically. The processing is accomplished by Drog within 45 minutes and the user gets readymade manure free from any smell right inside his home. Drog works quite like a blender and is thus capable of breaking down even hard food substances.

People are given no excuse for being lazy as the device is aimed to be located at the most easiest to feed places – alongside the kitchen sink. Any waste can therefore be put in pronto! A simple and pleasing design alongside a tendency to go easy on power makes Drog all the more attractive product. Wheels incorporated in the design make it easy to transport the created manure to plants and a wireless remote control allows user to track what exactly Drog is cooking. This certainly is something that would satiate the conscious consumers that we all think we are. More images of the amazingly neat design of Drag follow.

drog garbage recycle

drog garbage recycle

Source : DesignAwards via TheDesignBlog


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