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Helios Griller Transforms Sunlight into Usable Energy

Grilling is one of the favorite dishes I have. I usually use the traditional grilling process with the use of a fire. This may sound unfriendly to the earth but I swear the taste is exceptional. However, Helios is now here to help us continue our love of grilling but in an eco-friendly manner. Helios is a griller with a reflective solar dish that will allow sunlight to focus onto a solar receptor and will transform it into a usable energy. In addition to that, if the weather is not nice enough and still wants to grill, the product has a retractable plug that serves as an alternative source.

helios solar grill

helios solar grill

Helios is a grill with the energy-efficiency of a solar oven. It stores upright to keep a small footprint and easily cantilevers open and locks in place, when you are ready to cook. In order to maximize safety, Helios is designed so that the reflective solar dish is pointed away from you while cooking. If the time of day or weather is not appropriate for solar grilling, it features a retractable plug, stored in the base, as an alternative energy source. Rarely will you ever see something so green look so stylish and sleek with great amount of energy consumption.

Helios utilizes a reflective parabolic dish to focus sunlight onto a solar receptor, transforming it into usable energy. The energy travels from the parabolic dish to the grilling platform and heats a coil in order to cook food. It is not very often that one could go green and healthy in such a cool and wonderful way. It not only saves on plenty of Carbon-Emissions but surely would save enough amount of energy produced from conventional sources across the planet. So let the happy times go green!

helios solar grill

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