The Eco Drop Shower By Tommaso Colia

Water shortage is one of the problems people are facing right now. Various designs and strategies are made to conserve water. For luxurious people who spend too much water when showering, their time has come. The eco drop by Tommaso Colia will force them to stop and go out of their shower room when the stylish concentric circles rise. We have heard too much already about innovations on conserving water when showering. We already have those eco showerheads, shower meter and everything. The eco drop shower is a new addition. With its fashionable and inviting design, I assume people will now be eager and excited to conserve water.

Eco Drop Shower

Eco Drop Shower

Eco Drop Shower

Source: Tommaso Colia


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7 thoughts on “The Eco Drop Shower By Tommaso Colia”

  1. Hi

    Can I check whether this above Eco-Drop shower product is for sale? I am from the Public Utilities Board (PUB) of Singapore, the National Water Agency. We are interested to purchase this product and conduct a trial in Singapore. Do let me know about additional details, pricing, availability and reach me at the stated email above.

    Are there any plans to turn this conceptual product into reality and manufactur?

    Thank you



    1. Dear Guo Rong,

      I am from Singapore too. I am currently working to design a showermeter with students from NUS and the United Sates. It would be extremely beneficial if we are able to have input from the PUB in our design process. My email is [email protected]. Please do drop me a mail to discuss possible link up and collaboration.


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