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Lawnpc : Self-Sustaining Computer System by David Veldkamp

Lawnpc is a self-sustaining computer system. It creates all of the power it needs to operate with help from solar energy. Overall the Lawnpc would save an average of 876 kWh and 800 kg of carbon dioxide per computer per year. Multiple that by the projected 1 billion computers in the world and the environmental impact is tremendous.

In addition, the Lawnpc has taken substantial steps in the areas of product life cycle, stewardship, and human factors. The life cycle is extended with a unique upgrade option. Its environmental stewardship is improved by the use of Bio Batch additives and natural material. Human factors improvements are centered around its flexibility.

lawn pc concept

lawn pc concept

Text from David :
Lawnpc addresses the following green computing issues:

Stewardship – Lawnpc reduced the use of natural resources in several ways. First there will be a dramatic reduction in the use of energy producing fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas, etc.) because of the elimination of an outside power source. Second, the construction of the grass blades allows the precious metals to be recovered after the product lifecycle. The metal has been printed on to a natural cotton fiber that can be decomposed and the metal saved.

Energy efficiency – The average computer uses 876 KWh of power a year. In 2008 the world is expected to reach over 1 billion computers worldwide. 800 billion KWh could be saved per year if all computers created their own power.

Climate control – The 800 plus KWh need to power one personal computer creates over 800kg of CO2 a year. This is a substantial amount of a greenhouse gas being poured into our atmosphere. With Lawnpc this could be eliminated one computer at a time.

Materials – Adding Bio Batch Additives to the traditional resins used for computers changes the plastics chemical properties. There resulting plastic loses virtually none of its properties in everyday use. Yet, once the plastic is exposed to a composting environment it begins to decompose leaving minimal impact on the environment. For more information see the research sections. The blades of grass are made of a cotton fiber with the circuits and solar cells printed on. The natural cotton fiber can be broken down leaving the precious metals which can be recycled.

Product life cycle – Lawnpc is uniquely upgradeable. The power providing lawn is a modular system, made of 3” by 3” squares. The CPU is a separate unit that the lawn to which the lawn connects. When new technology obsoletes the CPU, it can be sent back in for recycling and decomposition. A new CPU can be ordered that works with your existing lawn. This saves material and manufacturing time for the producer and money for the consumer because they are only replacing part of the system. In addition, the Lawn system opens up a great opportunity for line extensions. Since your modular lawn squares are removable you could easily switch it from the computer to the printer for a quick print. They could be used with monitors, iPod docking stations, laptops and other small electronics.

lawn pc concept

lawn pc concept

lawn pc concept

lawn pc concept

lawn pc concept

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