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Cedar Sake Cup Keeps Cold Sake Cold and Hot Sake Warm

Cedar Sake Cup Set is made of old cedar trees with a wonderful narrow grain, which results in a bentwood low-conduction vessel that keeps cold sake cold and hot sake warm. This is a great storage instead of using those thermos that uses steel and glasses that tends to harm us an our environment. Unlike this Cedar Sake Cups, which is very earth friendly and super safe to use. To complete the set, include the cedar sake bottle, which is sold separately to enjoy your sake completely. With its sleek and fashionable design, no one will ever ignore the cedar sake set.

cedar sake cup

cedar sake cup

cedar sake cup

via DWR


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2 thoughts on “Cedar Sake Cup Keeps Cold Sake Cold and Hot Sake Warm”

  1. Funny how you don’t say the size. You seem more interested in search terms than providing customers with relevant info for a purchase.

  2. @sideways : if you check it carefully, you should know that we credit DWR as the source of this story and the place where you could buy the product when this post was written. Unfortunately, the product is not available anymore.

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