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Have a Fun Summer Party with The Kegstand

During summer, party is almost everywhere every now and then. Since the Kegstand can be rented, returned, refilled then rent again, this is the best way to keep our surrounding clean. The keg can be filled with ice that made the college student enjoy more on their cold beer, and when the party is over, there’s a plug that allows easy drainage. What hinders the college students to rent a Kegstand is that , it is too heavy for them to carry. For that reason a wheel and handle has been created for easy transportation going to and from the party place

kegstand concept

kegstand concept

From the website :

Our ethnography informed us that the tap’s nozzle should never touch the ice. We added a cap display so you no longer have to ask, “What kind of beer did they get?” Then we added a cup dispenser and serving tray so you don’t have to jockey for position waiting to fill up.

The Kegstand would cost more than stealing your neighbor’s trashcan, but we found that most rent a bucket or trashcan when renting their keg. So we present this concept as an appealing upgrade to the current retail landscape.

If you are a keg connoisseur or passionate about innovation in this category, please contact us – we would love to share more with you on a confidential basis.

kegstand concept

kegstand concept

kegstand concept

Source : TheGreenerGrass


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