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Tupperware Composter: Composting In A Green And Stylish Way

Eco-friendly people will be very happy with the new creation from Tupperware. It is called as the Tupperware Composter designed by Ken Jasinski. Composting with the Tupper Ware Composter is very easy. All you have to do is to mix organic materials in a 1:5 ratio, add water until the pile is slightly moist, and turn it occasionally for fast decomposition. In this way, we don’t need to throw our garbage to the mountains of landfills we have. Thus, we do lessen those mountains of landfill while saving the environment at the same time in a classy and stylish way. Thanks to the Tupperware Composter.

Tupperware Composter

Tupperware Composter

Tupperware Composter

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  1. Hello, I was inquiring about the “Tupperware Composter”. Is this an official product of “Tupperware” How much is it and where can it be purchased?

    Thank you!

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