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M-112 Eco-Friendly Urban Vehicle

M-112 is a very cool and stylish small car, perfect for urban vehicle. Designed by Ignacio Garcia, this M-112 took part in Shell Eco Marathon 2008 in France, it doesn’t look comical with its tiny size, M-112 is definitely a lightweight and eco friendly car, but there is no information on the engine just yet.

m 112 urban concept car

m 112 urban concept car

m 112 urban concept car

m 112 urban concept car

Source : EcoCustom via YankoDesign


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1 thought on “M-112 Eco-Friendly Urban Vehicle”

  1. Ignacio Garcia:YOU ARE A GENIUS !
    Ford,GM,and Chrysler put together can’t match your intelligence.One question-How bout the entire area in red being access to the cockpit ? The world needs your vehicle,talk to Polaris Industries in Minnesota .

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