Buc: From A Former Fort To An Eco Hotel

Old building structures don’t need to be wrecked for rehabilitation purposes. The Buc b ECDM is just a mere example of building rehabilitation while conserving the original structure. The BUC is a former fort that has been developed into an eco-hotel. In this way, no wrecking of the old structure has been made. In fact, …

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Outdoors Recycle

Enjoy Nature With The Eco-friendly Garden Cart

There can never be so refreshing and relaxing than having a connection with nature. We can do it by having a good trip to our forests or mountains and all. However, designer Matt Hinterlang had created an eco-friendly cart that will allow us to have a good trip to our garden. Made from reclaimed materials, …

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Eco-Lampshade By Sam Dempsey

If you are one those who enjoyed playing those record in the 70s and 80s, for sure you have a lot unused records in your home right now as currently we are already using the high-tech players available in the market when playing music. Now, with the wonderful experiment of Sam Dempsey, you can now …

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