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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Hybrid Car or Hybrid SUV Instead of Conventional Car

We believe that you’ve heard the term of “hybrid car” or “hybrid SUV” quiet often, but do you know what it means? As part of our effort to save the earth, we can’t stress enough how important for you to go for hybrid vehicle instead of conventional vehicle. The definition of a hybrid vehicle is given when a vehicle is having more than one type of power source to run its engine. “A hybrid vehicle” term usually refers to Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) that combine electric motors with gasoline engines to achieve better transportation for the environment. How? Together with the gasoline engine, these electric motors provide assistants to enhance the vehicle’s power which later causing the engine to run with less gasoline.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Hybrid Car or Hybrid SUV Instead of Conventional Car

Hybrid cars were experimented for many years ago till the experts finally came with innovative breakthrough that allowed Hybrid car becomes practical transportation like we know today. Nowadays, all major automakers produce their own version of Hybrid to meet high market demands for fuel-efficient transportation from the combination of electric and gasoline to totally electric vehicles. It’s a good news, if there are high demands for hybrid transportation, this can also mean that our society has realized the importance to reduce the level of pollutants in the air thus reducing the effects of global warming. In most countries, the governments are also very supportive to help create greener earth by offering appealing income tax deduction for those who purchase hybrid cars or SUVs.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Hybrid Car or Hybrid SUV Instead of Conventional Car

Automakers currently are working hard to develop new models to fit our modern lifestyles. You can find hybrid transportation is not only limited to SUV, you can also find hybrid mini-van, hybrid sedan and soon hybrid sports car to meet your speed needs without breaking your bank for fuel.

There are top 5 reasons why people prefer to choose Hybrid car or SUV instead of conventional car:

1. Hybrid car works efficiently
Yes, hybrid car eliminates the hassle of having to recharge your battery especially in time of need. Unlike fully electric car where you need to plug it into an electrical outlet to charge its battery, using Hybrid, the system will automatically switch on to use the gasoline engine once it detects the battery is low. The system later proceeds to recharge the battery. Hybrid car is also a smart vehicle to drive in city traffic, during slow-speed or slow-down driving when driver requires to lightly tap on the brakes, the wheels are automatically engaged to an electrical generator. There’s special mechanism that converts this mechanical energy to recharge the car’s batteries.

When you drive on a highway that usually at higher speeds, the system will automatically switch on the gasoline engine to ensure the fuel is burned efficiently and completely.

2. Convenience
Aside from having a tax incentive from IRS, buying a Hybrid car can also mean getting a parking discount in some major cities. Having a hybrid car has its perk. You’ll get to save a lot of many from reducing your fuel consumption as well. Don’t worry about the weather, the hybrid battery works even during extreme conditions (hot and cold).

3. Good for the environment
Hybrid cars and hybrid SUVs can be categorized as green vehicles as they reduce CO2 emission which means less pollution in the air we breathe. Reducing toxic emission also impacts on our Ozone layer, it’s better on the environment. Furthermore, by using hybrid vehicles, it will also reduce your fuel consumption.

4. Easy to maintain
Compared to conventional cars, hybrid has less moving parts in its system. Therefore the only maintenance expenses you probably have to spend would be on tires, wiper blades, or shocks. What about filter for both oil and air? Well, the cool thing about hybrid, it doesn’t use oil. Easy and less maintenance, keep you money save in your wallet.

5. Aerodynamic design
One of the main ideas of using hybrid car is to reduce fuel consumption by increasing the level of fuel efficiency. This can be achieved by designing aerodynamic architecture body which lessen drag and lower body weight. There are many automakers that start developing hybrid vehicle with unique and futuristic body design for this purpose.

If you have the chance to win an SUV, Which Hybrid SUV would you choose?. You can click here if you are interested in the opportunity to win a Hybrid SUV. We wrote this article not to ask you to buy a hybrid car to save the environment. In fact, there are many ways that you can do to help reduce emissions such as using bicycle more often or public transportation. However, if you can’t live without a car, we strongly suggest you to purchase a Hybrid car instead of conventional car.


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