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The V50 Hybrid Yacht: For A Clean Air And Clean Sea

Cruising is fun adventure and a great way to getaway the hassles of the city life. However, isn’t it even better if we will do it with care to the environment? The V50 Hybrid Yacht is a project from Vismara that has the aim to achieve the Sea Clean, Air Clean motto. The V50 is a hybrid yacht, thus will run through its lithium batteries. It also has the regeneration system, which will get self-sufficient energy while the electric engine propels as the V50 sails.

V50 Hybrid Yacht
V50 Hybrid Yacht

V 50′ Hybrid
Length 16.30 m
Width 4.20 m
Draft 2.50 m
Displacement 9.7 ton
Sail Area 140.00 m2
Materials Carbon Sandwich and vacuum epoxy resin

The Project
The design of the V 50.02 Hybrid was born from the will of the Vismara boatyard to follow the motto “CLEAN SEA, CLEAN AIR” in response to a growing demand for accountability to the environment by modern society.

Neglecting the eco-compatibility of a product would be exactly the opposite route of development and technological research that the Vismara boatyard has always followed with consistency &passion. Thanks to this route, the V 50.02 Hybrid was developed & designed with the goal to create a landmark in the world production of pleasure yachts that will aspire others to realize also eco-compatible crafts.

Achieving these objectives gives the V 50.02 Hybrid an additional Green Star Plus Platinum notation, which represents the highest recognition for the efforts made by a boatyard to create a ‘eco-friendly-raft’ & to preserve the production under this terms.

The Design
The design philosophy follows the ethos that has been guiding Vismara boatyard since the foundation of the company maintaining the concept of ‘user friendly’ & technological boats. Bright & spacey interiors, comfortable & well-organized deck plans, creating a batter interaction between user, environment & automated systems. For example, an automated system such as Magic trim or a steering joystick are a living proof for how docking maneuvers or sails adjustment can become easier, comfortable & safer. These are just some of the features that embody the Vismara philosophy. The successful combination between ‘easy to use’ & eco-compatibility is the greatest achievement of the Vismara boatyard & its V 50.02 Hybrid.

V50 Hybrid Yacht
V50 Hybrid Yacht
The System
Many technical features characterize the V 50.02 Hybrid, one particular is the hybrid propulsion system that allows to alternate between a use of a diesel engine or an electric motor. This solution means that it is possible to sail using only the electric motor that is powered by the batteries on board. The hybrid propulsion system main benefits are access to protected marine areas, less pollution & sailing in complete silence & harmony with the nature. The hybrid system includes sophisticated & long living lithium batteries that are proved to be less polluting compare to the normal lead batteries thanks to the new power regeneration system. The new power regeneration system takes the driving force from the electric motor during navigation with motor on or from the bow thruster during navigation under sail power. it gives an excellent energy autonomy that is rarely seen on other systems.

The Effect
The lightness & hydrodynamic efficiency of the craft have an important effect on the engine propulsion system. The outstanding lightweight & advanced hull of the V 50.02 Hybrid & a high performance under sailpower, means installation of a reduced power engine & significant savings in fuel consumption. Not only, but choosing an engine with NOx, HC&PT emissions is approved by the stringent restrictions of the GreenStar notation concerning ’emissions of internal combustion engines’.
V50 Hybrid Yacht
V50 Hybrid Yacht
The Together
The hull & deck of the V 50.02 Hybrid, as in all Vismara boats, is mainly made in carbon. Thanks to its mechanical properties, lightweight & high resistance to deterioration means less pollutants in the sea. Built-in fuel tanks with double bottom & bilge systems that collect oil will prevent pollutants from ending up in the sea in the event of any leaking from the hull. While holding tanks for black & grey water with filter systems, shore discharge & automatic monitoring for discharge at sea, will all allow the craft to comply with the regulations & restrictions that are part of sailing along the coastlines in major nations in the Mediterranean sea & elsewhere. As far as onboard domestic appliances are concerned, the use of refrigerating systems which use eco-compatible refrigerant gases that do not damage the ozone layer is just one of the many examples of Vismara boatyard application of the Green Star philosophy. The Green Star Platinum Plus notation also pays particular attention to reducing power consumption, which is why the V 50.02 Hybrid from the design stage had a meticulous balance of electric equipment & optimization of chosen consumers with the lowest consumption possible. A simple example is the artificial lighting onboard, obtaining through the use of low energy consumption LED for more than 80% of the total need. Special attention was given to the furnishing choices, especially with the choice of eco-sustainable materials such as cork for the dunnag or Corecork for the composite sandwich panels. All is totally compliant with the anti- eforestation policies that have been particularly popular, & rightly so, in the last decade.

V50 Hybrid Yacht
V50 Hybrid Yacht
The Technique
A last aspect to focus on could only be the construction techniques that are very characteristic with the Vismara boatyard. but for the V 50.02 Hybrid it is refined even further to comply thanks to the Green Star Plus notation guidelines & so as not to limit the continuation of technical & quality developments acquired over many years of production, study & research. The hull, deck, structures & fittings are laminated using vacuum bags, which eliminate any excess of resin & guarantees excellent mechanical characteristics, notable savings in weight terms & reduced emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere, such as styrene, for example. The painting stage, like the lamination, is carried out with specific attention to the emission of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which means sing paints with low environmental impact, advanced air extraction & purification systems, all under to Green Star notation requirements. Small details such as the use of silicone-based anti-fouling paints, biodegradable lubricants & registers to control highly pollutant materials are just some of the secondary aspects that, with respect to Green Star notation, are characteristics of the V 50.02 Hybrid & they play a role in making this design project something decidedly out of the ordinary.


V50 Hybrid Yacht
V50 Hybrid Yacht

Source: Vismara


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