Green Troup By Y-town

Like any other, designer brand, Y-town is also into designing sustainable items. Designed for the celebration of International Peace, the company has created the Green Troup, a collection of bags made from a collection of eco-plastic to support the peace of mother earth. From Y-town: Can eco-plastic replace leather? A small plead to fashion victims: …

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VELUX: Will Illuminate Your Place Naturally In Style

Do you think it is possible to illuminate your room elegantly in a natural way? With the constant call for battling global warming and with the artistic mind every designer has today, the answer for that question is now a Yes. One great example is the VELUX, an elegant lighting designed that will illuminate your …

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Outdoors Solar Energy

Sustainable Bus Waiting Booth by Yang-Design

With the vast growth of concern about the environment’s current situation, green designs are now visible almost everywhere even on a bus station of your place. Another Red Dot design winner, Yang-Design have created the Sustainable Bus Waiting Booth that uses solar energy to keep its electronic screen that displays the bus schedules going. From …

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