Coconut Shell Animal Keychains Made From Coconut Waste

To some people coconut shell is just waste, but in the hand of creative people, this waste can be turned into something unique and cool. We saw this coconut shell animal keychains from this little green marketplace, it has different cute animal shapes, from a frog, a lobster to a turtle. A perfect small merchandise you can give to your friends and families, to remind them that even waste can be transformed into something unique and functional.

Coconut Shell Animal Keychain

Coconut Shell Animal Keychain

Instead of creating keychains from wood, coconut shell is definitely cheaper and widely available material and usually considered as farm waste by product. If you happen to know where to get this coconut shell waste, you can also learn how to turn them into eco-friendly charcoal by exposing the shell to high heat in oxygen free environment. This heat burns out the impurities and leaves only carbon. You can it for your BBQ and cooking purposes.

Coconut Shell Animal Keychain

Coconut Shell Animal Keychain

From : Little Green Trade


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