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Sustainable Skateboards and Longboards From BambooSK8

BambooSK8 offers you ecologically friendly sustainable boards which are 100% bamboo. They have manufactured a variety of sustainable skateboards and longboards for green conscious skateboarders. All of their longboards are made from the finest bamboo with artistic work geared toward our environment, moreover all components on the boards are made in USA.

Sustainable Skateboards and Longboards from BambooSK8

Sustainable Skateboards and Longboards from BambooSK8

Sustainable Skateboards and Longboards from BambooSK8

Sustainable Skateboards and Longboards from BambooSK8

From : BambooSK8


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29 thoughts on “Sustainable Skateboards and Longboards From BambooSK8”

  1. Ok bamboosk8 boards are amazing I have a longboard and a regular board fron them they are just amazing i love bamboosk8 the pop in the board is amazing. The board cant break I landed on the nose of the board so many times and it still didnt break. Amazing boards buy one now trust me!

  2. I love Bamboo SK8 Decks! They offer me everything I need in a great quality skateboard. The true value is in the sustainability. Cool graphics and performance are off the chart!
    Eco friendly is the only way to GO!
    Go Green, Go Bamboo SK8!

  3. Bamboo sk8 is my favorite skate brand! No other skateboard deck compares!
    The superb pop and the well designed shape for max control. I bet on Bamboosk8 everytime I hit the streets!

  4. I love bamboo sk8 best boards I have ever riden and they are so durable, And their designs also ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I'm not really into longboards but I own a regular bamboosk8 deck and it's the most incredible board I've ever skated! It has amazing pop and is ridiculously strong and flexible! BambooSk8 rocks!

  6. i love bamboosk8 decks! although i have yet to try there longboards, i love the way bamboosk8's decks feel under my shoes. they flip and pop extremely well, and i love them.

  7. i love the design on them, don't long board to often but i love the regular skate decks.i just ordered one i'm so excited =]
    -keep on skating

  8. Everything you could need in a skateboard or long bard. Great graphics, Sustainability, Durability, and SO MUCH STYLE! I LOVE BAMBOOSK8

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