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Potenza: A Sustainable Four Wheel Bike

Bike or bicycle is obviously a sustainable transportation solution every time anytime and anywhere. We normally see bikes or bicycles in two wheels but the Potenza made a difference through it four huge wheels creating a look similar to classic car designs. What made this design different to the traditional bikes we known and the common cars is the hybrid technology the designer had applied to it. This bike design has the ability to store the energy produced in pedaling and when the driver is tired enough to pedal, he or she can make use of the energy stored and reach the destination with ease.

Potenza Bike

Potenza Bike

Potenza Bike

Potenza Bike

Source: Kreatip Design


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5 thoughts on “Potenza: A Sustainable Four Wheel Bike”

  1. the pictures remind me about the solar cars, if you add solar system in it than that will be great. or please say how it store the energy. thank you

  2. Nice idea but I don’t see any pedals, so I assume it’s a solar design only? The link to the design group isn’t helping either – they’re gone.

  3. The pedals are by the front wheels. The steering is the stick by the seat. The panel above the bike is a wind screen. "Window" hell I just want to know when where and how can I get one. Please let me know at damndale72

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