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Frii: A Bike Made From Recycled Plastic

Plastic recycled results into various products but I never think of a bike. FRII is a bike made of recycled plastic designed by Dror Peleg. It uses injection-molding technology and requires less labor compared to the traditional metal bikes that we are using at present. The Frii is a speed city bike that surely is …

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Bike Design and Concept

Potenza: A Sustainable Four Wheel Bike

Bike or bicycle is obviously a sustainable transportation solution every time anytime and anywhere. We normally see bikes or bicycles in two wheels but the Potenza made a difference through it four huge wheels creating a look similar to classic car designs. What made this design different to the traditional bikes we known and the …

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Bike Misc Outdoors

Boxcycles: A Classic Earth-friendly Bike

Biking has been a long time known zero-emission transportation tool. Today, we rarely see people on their classic bicycle designs for transportation purposes. People with bikes nowadays are aimed to satisfy their sports adventure desire, cycling or mountain biking. The Boxcycles is a classic earth-friendly bike but with an uncompromised quality. The Boxcycles will allow …

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