Bike Design and Concept

Potenza: A Sustainable Four Wheel Bike

Bike or bicycle is obviously a sustainable transportation solution every time anytime and anywhere. We normally see bikes or bicycles in two wheels but the Potenza made a difference through it four huge wheels creating a look similar to classic car designs. What made this design different to the traditional bikes we known and the …

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Bottle Flower Lamp: Your Sustainable Cute Stylish Lamp

Recycling is becoming easy nowadays with the numerous interesting designs and design ideas using recycled items. The Bottle Flower Lamp is just one of the few reasons why recycling is fun. FLOWER LAMP is a room lamp made from PET soda bottles, stones and a beautiful decorative ceramic pot. It is very flirtatious and protagonist …

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The Water Shelter: A Sustainable Shelter Solution

When calamities come, shelters are always became the immediate concern. The calm down and ease the discomfort of those people affected by calamities such as flood, designer Robert Nightingale has come up with the personalized shelter called the Water Shelter. This sustainable designed shelter is perfect in affected areas for it has a design that …

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