Architecture Design and Concept

Precinct 4 Sustainable Towers in Malaysia Will Source from Alternative Energya

Another iconic building is going to be built in Malaysia. This is not surprising, since they do have two of the tallest buildings in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers. The design of Precinct4 is very unique, based on traditional Islamic architecture, marine-inspired structures, and radiating block of bioclimatic architecture. The architect’s goal (Hijjas Kasturi …

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Design and Concept Gadgets

Bambus Flash Drive Made from Bamboo

This USB device is very eco friendly by using bamboo as its material. Bamboo itself is a fast growing resource, which make it an ideal natural resource to create your daily gadgets because you don’t do any harm by taking away greenery from it. Designed by Gernot Oberfell, this Bambus flash drive is having capacity …

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RecycleBALL and RecycleBONE

By choosing recyclable materials for your dog toys can also help our environment. These ball and bone come from, made from non-toxic, rubbery, and recyclable materials put to waste by other manufacturers, the result is a very adorable toy for our dog(s). Source

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