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Cardboard House – House of The Future Concept Made From Fully Recyclable Materials

Can you see yourself live in this cardboard house in the future ? Actually if you think about it, this is not so bad, this cardboard is very strong, waterproof, and easy to build (in fact you can build it today and live inside it tomorrow). The Cardboard House represents the reduction of technology and the simplification of needs. By demonstrating that they are able to recycle 100% of the building components at extremely low cost, the Cardboard House is a direct challenge to the housing industry to reduce housing and environmental costs.

The future expects us to be more eco friendly or we doom. All the material in the Cardboard House is recycled, and recyclable, making it an excellent environmentally sustainable option for housing. The Carboard House is made of recycled carboard supplied by Visy Industries. This is completed with a waterproof roof made from HDPE plastic, which also forms the material of the flexible under-floor water tanks and the novel kitchen and bathroom ‘pods’.

Ready for your first house ? Get if for $32,204, pretty cheap for a house, isn’t it ?

cardboard house fully recyclable materials

cardboard future house made from fully recyclable materials

Designer : HouseOfTheFuture via Dvice


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