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Bambus Flash Drive Made from Bamboo

This USB device is very eco friendly by using bamboo as its material. Bamboo itself is a fast growing resource, which make it an ideal natural resource to create your daily gadgets because you don’t do any harm by taking away greenery from it. Designed by Gernot Oberfell, this Bambus flash drive is having capacity of 2GB, great green gadget concept.

bambus flash drive

bambus eco friendly flash drive

bambus green gadget

Designer: Gernot Oberfell via designzen


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1 thought on “Bambus Flash Drive Made from Bamboo”

  1. The bamboo is not only a noble wood, but also brings luck. Yes. it’s right! I tested that on my own skin, buying a bamboo plant. It brought me a lot of happiness and harmony in my house. I won a week ago the big pot here: ruleta online, then after three weeks my friend made me a surprise and the list may continue… So guys, what are you waiting for. Go get your bamboo tree!
    Making the first USB flash drive from bambus, doesn't surprise me at all. They should make more flash drives from wood than from metal or plastic. The bamboo is more fashionable and ecologic.

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