Furniture Interior Design

Multi-Functional Furnitures Prototype

No need explanation, just see it from the pictures, you’ll get the idea. These are 3 of 18 multi functional furniture prototypes that were display on Milan earlier this month during Design Week. Designer : Nemanja Aleksic’s Crossroad drawers, Marija Bjelakovic’s Flexy table and Emir Beciragic’s folding Cage table via [MocoLoco]

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Cube 6, Tables in A Box

Don’t judge a book by its cover, I guess that goes for this box. Cube 6 is not just ordinary box, six stools can come out from it. Amazing, huh ? Just take a look at the pictures, you’ll understand how this work. Each stool is made from birch plywood and maple and the cube …

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Design and Concept Gadgets

Papyrus, Future Electronic TextBook

Communication tools are growing rapidly that you won’t find any trouble to contact all of your friends/families/relatives all over the world. Based on that idea, Papyrus is born, an electronic reader which allow you tag your content and share it with others. Papyrus also helps students to actually speak out about what they want to …

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