Cell Phone Design and Concept

SLIQ, A Sleek Cell Phone Concept

The idea of SLIQ cell phone is trying to replace the multiple gadgets for professional travelers. Why? Because with multiple gadgets means multiple chargers are needed, that is a quite amount of materials to break down, aren’t they? Why not using sustainable materials and components, user-powered charging elements, less moving pasts, and easily disassembled and …

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G2 Portable Fuel Cell Green Technology Power Source

G2 is a portable fuel cells for your gadgets, such as PDA, phones, digi cams, etc. G2 portable power source is only takes 2.0 watt and powered by an array of eight Angstrom v60 Fuel Cell Modules, just plugin via USB port and you’re ready. But you should aware that this charger’s on-board hydrogen will …

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Multipurpose Coffin Table

Coffin Table is actually a typical coffee table where you can keep your stuff there such as books, magazines, personal mementos, etc. But, the ultimate goal of this coffin table is to keep you when you pass on to the next life. This coffin is non-toxic, made of natural pine with natural soap finish. The …

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Design and Concept Gadgets

Clear Computing Concept Reduce E-Waste

The problem in urban lifestyle is everything getting replaced instead of upgraded. Take a look at your computer, I bet its lifes pan is not more than three years. There are many technological advancements taking place in making the products more environmentally friendly in manufacture, use and disposal. However, there has been little progress in …

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Eco-Technologies House in Cyprus by Iosa Ghini Associati

Designed by Italian architects Iosa Ghini Associati, these houses being developed alongside Pedieos River, near Nicosia, Cyprus, integrate easily into the Mediterranean landscape. These are four single family luxury units. It is joined by smog eating photo catalytic concrete and a flowing fusion of glass. Thus a series of separate yet structurally connected spaces is …

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Interior Design

Let’s Grow Grass Inside Your House

Put some green in your home or at your office, it can be done by Metaphys. Metaphys is an extraordinary avant-garde design brand, they are trying to mix nature with technology. The green factory is a perfect fusion between nature and contemporary design. It is a frame which is sold with a kit, in which …

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