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Dublin Has Ecocabs, Free Rides For All

We all know that being an eco-friendly person will also allow us to save some small amount. However, being eco-friendly free of charge is such a great opportunity to avail. People from Dublin are very lucky to have the Ecocabs, an eco friendly cab that allow people to hop in free. Available between 10am and 7pm, I can never think of a way of not being eco-friendly this time. I hope this practice will also be available worldwide so that we all be fighting against global warming together. Hop in now to Dublin’s ecocabs and be an eco-friendly individual without spending a penny. For short distance city centre travel Ecocabs are available free of charge to the public every single day of the week between 10am and 7pm!

ireland eco cab

ireland eco cab

ireland eco cab

ireland eco cab

Source : EcoCabs


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