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Chop Safely With The Large Totally Bamboo Butcher Block

If you want to chop on a butcher block hat is sturdy, clean and earth friendly, the Large Totally Bamboo Butcher Block is the ideal butcher for you. Fast growing in nature, bamboo is a perfect material to use if you want something sturdy, elegant, long lasting and most of all eco-friendly.

Other than being safe to the environment, this lovely butcher block from totally bamboo is also comfortable and safe to use because it has the rubber-capped legs that lets the butcher-block stays in place while you are chopping. Other than using bamboo as the materials used, this butcher block from Totally Bamboo also has various eco-friendly features including the use of formaldehyde-free glue, natural and permanent color, and zero dyes or stains. [Click here for more information about the Large Totally Bamboo Butcher Block]

Large Totally Bamboo Butcher Block

If you opt to purchase and use the Large Totally Bamboo Butcher Block, it is important to note that you should avoid to damage the block intentionally like putting a hot pan on the board, so you can enjoy the maximum life span of the block.

In addition, it would be nice if you will apply some mineral oil the moment you purchase one before using and every other few months to prevent the board from drying out and keeping it looking good at all times and eventually increase its life span.

One more thing, it is important to maintain the safety, cleanliness and look of your butcher block by washing it every after use. Aside from using a mild soapy water, it would also help if you will use vinegar mixture in cleaning, just as long as you would not mind the smell that the vinegar has.

Doing those three simple steps in cleaning and maintaining will keep your Large Totally Bamboo Butcher Block last longer if not a lifetime. [Click here for more information about the Large Totally Bamboo Butcher Block]


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