Live The High Tech Life While Caring The Environment With The Bamboo Wireless Mouse

Almost all of us today are using the computer as part of our daily lives from work to entertainment to information and more, thus a computer mouse like the Bamboo Wireless Mouse from Primo Design Studio is one of the most important things for us. We all know that using the computer creates a huge contribution to global warming. However, the use of this eco-friendly mouse will surely lessen the impact even just a single bit.

The mouse is made of 100% Bamboo. Knowing the quality of bamboo, the mouse surely is a durable one and it definitely will last long. It has the gloss finish that made the mouse looks classy and perfect for daily use. In addition, the mouse also has the UV coated anti-stain coating making it a water and stain-resistant type of mouse. It is fashionable too with its unique handmade décor design. [Click here for more info about Bamboo Wireless Mouse]

Bamboo Wireless Mouse

Bamboo Wireless Mouse

If you are a hardcore computer user and you want to help save the environment, using this mouse will help a lot. Because this mouse is made of bamboo, it surely is and eco-friendly, natural, and recyclable tech accessory. The Bamboo Wireless Mouse also comes with a USB dongle, so all you have to do upon purchase is to use and start living the fast-paced, high-tech life while caring for the environment. [Click here for more info about Bamboo Wireless Mouse]

Bamboo Wireless Mouse

Bamboo Wireless Mouse

Bamboo Wireless Mouse


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  • The mouse is made of 100% Bamboo? Even the electronically components?
    lol but joke aside apart from looking good this is rather silly. buttons are still buttons its not going to save the environment a great deal. If your bothered about the environment, just look for a mouse with the longest click life that works well and it will do you good for many years – rather than replacing it every 1-2 years! That will save the environment due to the lower amount of production. Note I cant speak for the quality of this mouse and it may well be a long lasting one. I mean no direct stab at any product in particular, just this article advertising it here sounds like a large portion of pointless sales twaddle. It tells people there saving the environment in ways that certainly will not. Bamboo is no better than plastic, I mean its clearly glued together somehow and coated in a UV coating, that most probably came from oil as dose plastic. so no points there. It simply looks good!

  • OK, I will go a long with that, but if things look good, you will take care of them, so this mouse wont get trashed, and will be taken a part and cleaned, and yes in time loved in there own way. I'm sure you have a favorite pen you like , and the mouse is the new pen!

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