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Teatro Del Agua by Grimshaw Architects

Water can be considered as the most important thing in the world, and the world gets hotter, some foresees that water might be running out of supply in the near future. For this purpose is why the Teatro Agua Solar Desalination Plant is born, created by Grimshaw Architects, this plant is planned to be built in Cannary Islands in Spain. It has a series of evaporators and condensers. Desalination is a great way to produce tap water from seawater. It can be done using the heat of the sun, which makes this process purely natural in nature.

The Teatro del Agua works by coupling “a series of evaporators and condensers such that the airborne moisture from the evaporators is then collected from the condensers, which are cooled by deep seawater.” The sweeping structure will incorporate solar panels to provide heat for the evaporators and will operate almost entirely on renewable energy.

teatro del agua solar desalination plant

teatro del agua solar desalination plant

The design will incorporate Paton’s remarkable desalination method with a publicly accessible venue for the performing arts, once again focusing our societies around the common element that sustains them. This desalination method can give us water as much as we like for we never run out of seawater.

teatro del agua solar desalination plant

teatro del agua solar desalination plant

Designer : Grimshaw Architects via CleanTechnica

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