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Chop Flops: A Stylish And Sustainable Thong Sandals

Everybody wants to be fashionable and trendy but only a few are into it with care to the environment in mind. Chop Flops will help you become fashionably trendy while keeping the environment safe. Chop Flops is a stylish sandals made of recycled materials including chopsticks, dental floss, corkboard, and old backpack. Through this product, the supposed to be discarded mentioned items are given new life and are prevented from adding to our landfills. The Chop Flops is a 2nd place editor’s choice award winner for the 2010 Inhabitat Spring Greening Competition and is designed by Joe Loco. Aside from being eco-friendly, the Chop Flops is stylish enough for daily use.

Chop Flops

Chop Flops

Chop Flops

Source: Joe Loco


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2 thoughts on “Chop Flops: A Stylish And Sustainable Thong Sandals”

  1. I looked for these on sale on thhe Internet and they cost $235…Bullshit price for eco-friendly sandals

    1. haha sorry, there is only one pair i existence and i didn't want to let them go. I figured if some one really wanted them that badly they could have them for that much. but until someone is crazy enough to buy my only pair for that much, i would like to keep them hahahaha.

      sorry for the confusion. they are definitly not in produciton yet. and if i ever decide to do that. they will be much much much more inexpensive than $235.

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