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Artica: An Eco-Friendly Cool Air

An air-conditioning system is important to almost every household especially in areas with hot climate. This is the reason why households of today are the highest energy consumer. However, a group of people that include Mathew Holloway, William Penfold, Daniel Becerra, Karina & Matthew Judkins are now working on a project that will lower down our energy consumption by 10% as compared to the conventional air-conditioning system. The Artica is a natural cooling, ventilation, and heat recovery system tha is currently in prototype and is already set-up for future commercialization. It also has a ratio of thermal to electrical energy rating or COP of 32. With the use of this eco-product, carbon emission is reduced by 90 percent, which is a very positive response to the environment.

The eco-friendly feature of the Artica does not ends there. Aside from the eco features mentioned above, the Artica is also made from re-used materials from other industries that are supposed to be destined in landfills, which is obviously a great contributor of green house gases.

The Artica is not only eco-friendly, it also has a stylish design and its commercialization is supported by Design London (a collaboration between Imperial College and The Royal College of Art) and is funded through NESTA.

Artica Eco Aircon

Artica Eco Aircon

Artica Eco Aircon

Artica Eco Aircon

Source: Artica via Yanko Design


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