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Pencil Crayon Jewelry By Maria Cristina Bellucci

Colored Pencil or Pencil Crayon or whatever you may call it is a great tool for our art project. However, jewelry designer Cristina Bellucci creates a new use of the Pencil Crayon as she designed artistic jewelries. Since only fragments of pencils are used for the design, presumably, Bellucci is recycling used pencil crayons. The jewelry’s unique forming process reveals the interiors of the pencil as it displays the wood and the colored lead that provides the unique and stylish look of the jewelry. With this product, having a fashionable jewelry without harming the environment is not hard to achieve.

Pencil Crayon Jewelry

Pencil Crayon Jewelry

Pencil Crayon Jewelry

Pencil Crayon Jewelry

Pencil Crayon Jewelry

Via: Designboom

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2 thoughts on “Pencil Crayon Jewelry By Maria Cristina Bellucci”

  1. i cant understand how this is green, this is actually anti green as it sands off so much pencil and with it so much of saw.
    although these look good but they are not green for sure.

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