Architecture Recycle

Fridge Igloo: Another Eco-Architecture?

Green architecture, container architecture and now fridge architecture? Well, I am not complaining here. I am just so happy seeing different possibilities and ways in saving the environment. We all know that refrigerators can harm our green house gases and by the time, its life ends, it will create another harmful effect to the environment …

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Fashion Recycle

Eco-Belts Made Of Bike Tire

Being eco friendly is never endless. With the sustainable resource that we have, we can live the eco-friendly way as long as we want. The Eco-belts made of tire bikes by Julien Jaborska has just proven to the whole world that we don’t need to grow those landfills that we have by recycling these bicycle …

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Design and Concept Interior Design

Artica: An Eco-Friendly Cool Air

An air-conditioning system is important to almost every household especially in areas with hot climate. This is the reason why households of today are the highest energy consumer. However, a group of people that include Mathew Holloway, William Penfold, Daniel Becerra, Karina & Matthew Judkins are now working on a project that will lower down …

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