Eco-pulse: Your Smart Water Meter At Home

Electricity consumption per household has constantly growing with the popularity of modern technology and household appliance, which resulted into waste of energy most of the time. The Eco-pulse will eliminate this kind of energy wasting incident as it reminds you of your energy consumption in a cute and stylish manner. The product has the ability …

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T-System: A Street LED Lighting System

Street lighting is definitely one of the huge energy consumers in every town. Government however, cannot just allow a street to be less illuminated for it will be a treat on its residents’ safety. I think, this issue is already resolved in Calcinate, Bergamo through their wonderful project called the T-system. This one of a …

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Street Hopper: An Urban Eco-vehicle

How nice it is to travel with fun and ease of mind that you are not harming the environment. Industrial designer from Israel Adir Zilber designed a fun and eco-friendly transportation vehicle called the Street Hopper. The Street Hopper is a small scooter that provides and effective transportation to people in urban areas on their …

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Tio Light Switch System By Tim Holley

With our kids being our future, as early as their young age let us teach them how to conserve energy. Designer Tim Holley in with us in our aim of molding our kids’ energy consumption attitude with his eco-friendly and kid-friendly product called the Tio Light System. Tio is a wall mounted switch that allows …

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