The Move-It Kit: A Recyclable DIY Kit

Going back home from a great holiday definitely will result into extra baggage for your shopping. Purchasing a brand new luggage may cost you a lot and it can also be an addition to your unused item at home. The Move-it Kit by David Graham will do the trick. This one eco-friendly DIY kit will let you carry items of up to 20 kilograms. Made from self-adhesive cardboard, the Move-it Kit is extremely durable. This do-it-yourself trolley, can even be recycled the moment you arrive home as your storage or some other use which is ideal for you to help minimize the growth of landfills. The only drawback of this James Dyson Awards entry is its in ability to be dismantled once used.

Move It DIY

Move It DIY

Move It DIY

Move It DIY

Move It DIY

Source: James Dyson Awards via Yanko Design


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  • Anywhere to buy this papercard "move-it" luggage?

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