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The 1Liaison Electric Hybrid Boat by Manuel Schneider

Boating is fun, however if we wanted to use a speedboat greenhouse gases can be our big contribution to the nature. However, we should never be hopeless of experiencing speed boating and being eco-friendly at the same time because designer Manuel Schneider has created the 1Liaison paddleboat that can also be enjoyed as an speedboat with the use of its built0in battery that supplies electricity. What’s more good news about this boat is that, the pedal of the boat is connected to a dynamo that will now recharges the battery and when you are tired of peddling, the electricity you earned can now be used for speed boating for a more relaxed boating experience.

Eco Boat

Eco Boat

Eco Boat

Source: Manuel Schneider


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8 thoughts on “The 1Liaison Electric Hybrid Boat by Manuel Schneider”

  1. Another great idea that most boating magazines will not feature. Check out Duffy (west coast) and Electric Boat (NY) for vessels with greater capacity. We can only hope designer will tweet more info and set up web page with date and locations for trial runs.

  2. interesting idea, but its so wide that it really doesn't need to be a trimaran. The sponsons on either side simply make it less efficient and makes it a little further from an ideal, efficient, economic and environmentally friendly boat.

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