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ReGlow Lamp Is Made of Recycled Plastic Drink Bottles

Instead of throwing the empty plastic drink bottles, designer Shelley Spicuzza managed to recycle it to create an attractive and creative lamp. You can choose to get together bottles of the same colors to make it more elegant in appearance especially if the ones you are using are the clear ones. However, the colored one can also give you the right amount of color that you need without using the colored lamps. Shelleyʼs design is easy because the central part of the lamp is a sphere that has holes wherein you can screw in the plastic to the threaded holes to create a lamp that everybody will surely love.

ReGlow plastic bottle lamp

ReGlow plastic bottle lamp

ReGlow plastic bottle lamp

Source : Shelley Spicuzza via INewIdea


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5 thoughts on “ReGlow Lamp Is Made of Recycled Plastic Drink Bottles”

  1. uhm it helped a lot but i dont know what the sphere is made of so i cant still make the lamp please help me

  2. i also want to know what the sphere is made from? and how did you drill the holes to fit the bottles? did you drill the holes befoe you made it into the sphere, or after. This would be really helpful if you could tell me as i think its a wounderfull idea and i would like to try and make it.

  3. its a really nice idea & project for each & every one in the world to try.
    its the solution everyone is longing for to have the solution in the great problem about waste disposal. <3

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