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In the current climate in which we live, green living is even more important than ever. People all around the world are constantly trying to invent new ways in which we can enhance our sustainable way of living and thus, ensure a future of quality for those generations who survive after us. We strive to do exactly this – bring to you the best ways in which you can live sustainably, with consistent leading innovations and ideas. Everyday our ideas help thousands of people adjust their current lifestyle and improve their way of living.

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I-Beam’s Pallet House: An Eco-friendly Emergency Shelter Made Of Recycled Material

Shipping pallets are known to be discarded after its useful life. However, in my place we sometimes reuse it in rebuilding our fences, which is very easy to build as shipping pallets comes in uniform design and sizes. All you have to do is to put them together. However, I-Beam was able to create a more useful thing on these used shipping pallets and resulted into a stunning sustainable emergency shelter. The design was supposed to be as temporary housing for refugees of the Baltic war in the 90s, it turns out to be affordable and robust enough for families to reestablish a homestead.

Shipping Pallet House

Shipping Pallet House

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Solar Powered Mobile Light: Stylish Lighting By Koichi Okamoto

It is so nice to see numerous designs that take advantage of sustainable energy sources like the sun. If I have the knowledge of designing items, I would definitely do the same, not only save some amount of money from my electricity bill that continues to skyrocket each month, but to help save the environment as well. Japan-based designer Koichi Okamoto had created the Solar Powered Mobile Lights. Like any other solar powered lamps, the Solar Powered Lights charges its battery on daylight and illuminates at night. What made this light an exception to any other solar powered lamp that we see in the market today is its cute and eye-catching illumination. The bright illumination that it produces create a look that mimics the constellation of stars at night when hang as a group making it an ideal tool for your home décor. During daytime, the Solar Powered Mobile Lights are like flying sticks on air that look good as they are at night.

Solar Powered Mobile Light

Solar Powered Mobile Light

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Goodbye Plastic Garbage, The Vac From The Sea Of Electrolux Is Here!

It has been known that majority of our garbage is composed of plastic and some of them are even thrown in our poor Pacific Ocean and are actually called as plastic islands. Well, this is extremely sad news for our environment. How could harsh human beings afford to abuse the environment as this? Despite of the goodness that people have enjoyed on their stay on earth, these abusive acts are what they can pay off? Phew!

Enough drama!

The Vac from the Sea from Electrolux is now being launched. This one of a kind product of Electrolux is the company’s initiative to help them take their intentions of gathering those plastics from our oceans into action. This product of Electrolux has the aim to call our attention about the plastic pollution whilst being of help in combating the scarcity of recycled plastics that are needed in making eco-friendly home appliances made from recycled plastics particularly the Vacuum Cleaners. Therefore, basically, you now have the picture about the Vac from the Sea. As the name suggests, the Vac from the Sea is a sustainable Vacuum cleaners that are made of plastics collected from the islands of plastics floating on our oceans.

Vac from the Sea Vaccum Cleaner

Vac from the Sea Vaccum Cleaner

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GAIA Wall Mounted Air Purification System: A Wall Mounted Personal Eco-system

Air pollution is common to almost all cities around the world. This is obviously caused by the huge carbon emission that people produce on their daily activities. However, on the recent Electrolux Design Lab competition, designers are ask to design a futuristic product with the environment in mind. With the aim to have clean air at home, Indian designer Ankit Kumar created the GAIA Wall Mounted Air Purification System. With the modular live grass panels, the air will be cleanse and purified before in finally enters into your home, thus the air that you breathe will be free from dust and grime. The self-sustainable electronic eco system that the system has, made it even ideal to be called as an eco-friendly product. Aside from purifying air, the GAIA Root can also be your perfect insulating system, as it will also do temperature control making it an ideal product for tropical countries like many of the countries in Asia.

GAIA Air Purification System

GAIA Air Purification System

Via: Yanko Design

Latro Algae Lamp: An Algae Powered Lamp

When it comes to sustainable design, resources are endless. For the various eco-friendly lighting designs that we have in the market today, all of them have different sustainable sources just to power the light. Some uses solar energy, some wind, while others use kinetic energy. The Latro Algae lamp is a unique eco-friendly lamp that is powered by living algae. Aside from being an eco-friendly lighting solution, the Latro Algae Lamp is also a decorative hanging lamp that would fit perfect to any modern homes with elegant and contemporary interior design. Since the algae only needs a little sunlight, carbon dioxide and water to survive, exposing the lamp outside will immediately start the energy production stage.

Latro Algae Lamp

Latro Algae Lamp

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Galaplex Newspaper Holder From Well

Newspaper or magazine stands play an important role in any home or offices worldwide. Here is where we place our reading materials in an orderly manner. Today, the people from well has incorporated nature and style with their one of a kind project called the Glaplex, a newspaper holder that is made from Fraftplex. Kraftples is a material made from 100 percent sustainable cellulose fiber. This emission free newspaper holder is a perfect tool for offices’ waiting room or any living rooms of today’s modern homes as it entertains guests with the interesting reading materials they can offer, whilst keeping the homes elegant interiors intact.

Galaplex Newspaper Holder

Source: Well Shop

Solar Powered International Design Center By LIN

Sustainable and eco-friendly structures are now built almost everywhere in the world, as more and more architects and designers are into sustainable architectures. Located in Saint-Eienne, France, the International Design Centery by LIN is another astounding eco-friendly structure that gets is power from solar energy. The building will be the starting point for the world’s many efforts that has in connection with communication, research, and education. Aside from the solar energy that powers the building, another eco-factor of the International Design Center is its low construction cost of €41.5 only. The building also has an implemented heating plan, and is based on sustainable grounds.

Solar Powered International Design Center

Solar Powered International Design Center

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Cordell House: Made of Shipping Containers

With the aim to create and affordable, sustainable, and design-intensive homes for urban residents, developers Katie Nichols and John Walker from Numen Development have created the Cordell House. Made of shipping container from Houston, Texas port, the Cordell House uses three 40-footer containers and one 20-footer container. The 40-footers house the living room and the bedrooms of the Cordell House, while the 20-footer on the other hand houses the kitchen. The house even features a guesthouse and an 800SF breezeway patio that separated the guesthouse from the Cordell House. Considering the material the Cordell House uses, it is sustainable enough to help save the environment.

Cordell House

Cordell House

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Movement Climbing & Fitness: The First Solar Powered Gym

Saving on energy usage using solar power is now becoming a trend. More and more are now become aware of using sustainable energy and the Movement Climbing & Fitness is now become one of them. By signing a power purchase with Lighthouse Solar, the said Gym is now the first solar powered gym in Boulder Colorado and in the world. To power the gym, a 100KW photovoltaic array and solar thermal systems are installed. Additional eco-friendly feature of the Gym is the energy-efficient lighting system. Jim Logan Architects design the Gym, and it is not only eco-friendly but also it has state-of-the-art facilities.

Solar Powered Gym

Source: Movement Climbing & Fitness via

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