Misc Outdoors Solar Energy

Soladyne Mini Solar Lantern By Athena Brands

Lanterns like Soladyne Mini Solar Lantern is not only perfect for camping and other outdoor adventures but also ideal for use when power blackout or when a calamity happens. Mini lanterns add fun to our outdoor adventure or save us from darkness during unexpected calamities. However, what made this cute mini lantern from Athena Brands …

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Reclaimed Wood To Eco-friendly Mushroom Light

Do you love mushrooms? Do you like how they look as they sprout? Well, you will love them even more because you can now have this wonderful creature of nature into your room in the form of a cute and playful yet eco-friendly lighting system. Made from reclaimed wood, this one of a kind lighting …

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Interior Design Misc

Latro Algae Lamp: An Algae Powered Lamp

When it comes to sustainable design, resources are endless. For the various eco-friendly lighting designs that we have in the market today, all of them have different sustainable sources just to power the light. Some uses solar energy, some wind, while others use kinetic energy. The Latro Algae lamp is a unique eco-friendly lamp that …

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