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Solar Powered Mobile Light: Stylish Lighting By Koichi Okamoto

It is so nice to see numerous designs that take advantage of sustainable energy sources like the sun. If I have the knowledge of designing items, I would definitely do the same, not only save some amount of money from my electricity bill that continues to skyrocket each month, but to help save the environment as well. Japan-based designer Koichi Okamoto had created the Solar Powered Mobile Lights. Like any other solar powered lamps, the Solar Powered Lights charges its battery on daylight and illuminates at night. What made this light an exception to any other solar powered lamp that we see in the market today is its cute and eye-catching illumination. The bright illumination that it produces create a look that mimics the constellation of stars at night when hang as a group making it an ideal tool for your home décor. During daytime, the Solar Powered Mobile Lights are like flying sticks on air that look good as they are at night.

Solar Powered Mobile Light

Solar Powered Mobile Light

Solar Powered Mobile Light

Source: GSelect via Hometone


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