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Latro Algae Lamp: An Algae Powered Lamp

When it comes to sustainable design, resources are endless. For the various eco-friendly lighting designs that we have in the market today, all of them have different sustainable sources just to power the light. Some uses solar energy, some wind, while others use kinetic energy. The Latro Algae lamp is a unique eco-friendly lamp that is powered by living algae. Aside from being an eco-friendly lighting solution, the Latro Algae Lamp is also a decorative hanging lamp that would fit perfect to any modern homes with elegant and contemporary interior design. Since the algae only needs a little sunlight, carbon dioxide and water to survive, exposing the lamp outside will immediately start the energy production stage.

Latro Algae Lamp

Latro Algae Lamp

Latro Algae Lamp

Latro Algae Lamp

Source: Mike Thompson via Designboom

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