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GAIA Wall Mounted Air Purification System: A Wall Mounted Personal Eco-system

Air pollution is common to almost all cities around the world. This is obviously caused by the huge carbon emission that people produce on their daily activities. However, on the recent Electrolux Design Lab competition, designers are ask to design a futuristic product with the environment in mind. With the aim to have clean air at home, Indian designer Ankit Kumar created the GAIA Wall Mounted Air Purification System. With the modular live grass panels, the air will be cleanse and purified before in finally enters into your home, thus the air that you breathe will be free from dust and grime. The self-sustainable electronic eco system that the system has, made it even ideal to be called as an eco-friendly product. Aside from purifying air, the GAIA Root can also be your perfect insulating system, as it will also do temperature control making it an ideal product for tropical countries like many of the countries in Asia.

GAIA Air Purification System

GAIA Air Purification System

Via: Yanko Design


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